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About Classes from April

 In order to cope with this recent severe spread of New Corona Virus(COVID-19), KLA Group decided to start classes as bellow.

 Currently, there are many April students whose immigration schedule is not clear , but for prospective students, we will provide online classes until the actual class starts, and we will try to minimize the impact on those who are studying Japanese and plannning to enter university.

 At the same time, we will operate the school with the highest priority on the safety and security of students.

 We look forward to your arrival in Japan.


Region School names

Tokyo Shinjuku School Before 4/10

Classification Interview

 Each school operate through internet.

OLJ Language Academy

Akihabara School

(Tokyo International Culture

Education Institute)


Starting classes online(Each school will notify when to start)

 Please attend the class online from your home

 country before entering Japan to learn Japanese.  We will take attendance everyday.

Osaka Osaka School
Kyoto Kyoto Chuo School 5/11~

Start ordinary classes (Might change to online class depend on the situation)
 ・Depending on the situation, online lessons may   be held after May 11.
 ・Classes will begin after entering Japan, but we   might also ask to stay at home for 14 days.

  For this situation, we will support students with   online classes.
 ・Considering the necessecity of students 

  passsing EJU and JLPT, we plan to provide

  supplementary lessons in consideration of the   learning situation of each school.

Ibaraki Mito School
Aichi Nagoya Kita School
Hyogo Kobe School
Fukuoka Fukuoka School
Shiga Biwako School


【Past News】

 2020/3/9 To all students who will be enrolling in KLA Group Schools(April 2020 Cohort)

 2020/2/17 Regarding the KLA Group’s Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)