Kyoshin Language Academy

Kobe School

School FeaturesSchool characteristics

【The Three Pillars of Personal Development】
Cultivation : Nourish mutual understanding between students of different nations and cultivate human resources capable of flourishing in an international society
Courtesy : Develop individuals who will be in demand for their ability to comply with rules, proper etiquette, and social functioning
Grow together: Teachers and professionals provide support for students to function independently; Teachers grow side by side with students

Point01Under the watchful eye of their teachers, students will learn in an environment where they are comfortable asking questions and seeking advice

・Our teachers are passionate about learning and treat their students with empathy
・As students are far removed from their country of origin,
teachers act as a core pillar of support in their studies and daily lifestyl

Point02Students will learn independence, understand the Japanese lifestyle, and gain problem solving skills

・Use of “reaching notebooks”; guidance regarding Japanese rules, customs, and lifestyle; part-time job referral

Point03Students will gain etiquette and mental preparedness that will prove useful in their future employment or studies

Lifestyle guidance, education on manners in and outside of the classroom, interviews and instruction upon graduation

School Facility

Student Dormitory



Room Type 2 – 4 person
Register fee 30,000yen
Deposit 20,000yen
Cleaning fee of 5,000 yen will be deducted when moving out.
Actual amount will be charge if you make a damage to the room.
Monthly fee 25,000 yen
Utility expense Actual cost
Insurance Included Monthly fee
First 6 months Total 200,000yen
Common facilities rice cocker, refrigerator, kitchen, bed, microwave, shower, toilet, washing machine,wi-fi
Common facilities shower, toilet, refrigerator, washing machine
Room facilities shower, toilet, refrigerator, washing machine
Air conditioning, bed, desk
Location Air conditioning, bed, desk
In 15 minutes on foot from school(

School Activities

Teaching staff

Hiroshi Miyake Principal
There are various barriers to studying in Japan. We will help to find solutions to all of the issues you are facing on various fronts, including obtaining a visa, learning Japanese, your financial situation, and the practical side of life. As a school, we want to assist all of you who come here with goals in mind as much as possible, on the academic and living fronts, so that you can accomplish those goals.

Hiroshi Miyake Principal

Masaki Mitsui Head Teacher
Studying abroad is something that becomes an unforgettable memory in your life. Whether studying abroad can be made into something useful depends on the person. We play only supporting roles in that study abroad experience. However, we endeavor to do our jobs every day with the idea in mind that, by carrying out our various roles, we can leave some sort of mark on your study abroad experience.

Masaki Mitsui Head Teacher


4-1-3, Syogundori, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 657-0058
TEL: +81-78-262-1362
*15 minutes on foot from JR Rokkomichi station
*15 minutes on foot from Hankyu Railway Oji-Koen station
*12 minutes on foot from Hanshin Electric Railway Oishi station