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Point01Provision of a place for practical Japanese usage

Our school provides our students with a learning environment equipped to meet all their language-learning needs. Our students will be able to stand on their own feet here in Japan by honing their problem-solving and self-expression skills using Japanese through real-time practice not just in the classroom, but the entire school as well.

Point02Provision of Bilingual Counseling on University Admission by Our Professional Staff

We provide effective, high quality bilingual guidance for anyone looking to enrol in a university here in Japan, regardless of your proficiency in Japanese.

Point03rovision of a learning environment where a student’s individuality is acknowledged

We do not evaluate our students purely based on their Japanese proficiency. We also take into account our students’ various personalities, expertise and skills, and provide a place for them to realize their full potentials. Our students’ individuality is an integral element of our school’s education philosophy.。

School Facilities

Student Dormitory


We will refer other property if full, but RATE MIGHT DIFFERS. (Currency unit: JPY)


Room Type Type A (Double) Shared Type Type B (Single) Studio Type
Entrance fee 30,000 16,000
Deposit 20,000
Rent/month 35,000 – 38,000 35,000
Utilities/month included in rent actual cost (electricity only)
Beddings 10,000 10,000
(maintenance fee included)
70,000 *1
Facility usage fee 70,000 *2
Initial payment
(3 months)
165,000 – 174,000 377,000
Common facilities kitchen, living, yard, shower, toilet, washing machine, cable TV, PC living, study room, bicycle park, laundry
Room facilities bed, air conditioning, desk, chair, internet bed, desk, chair, kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioner, storage, bath, toilet, internet
Location 25 minutes on foot to school (2.0km) 40 minutes on foot and by train to school
5 minutes on foot from Fujimidai station


*1 It will be refunded after deducting 22,000 as cleaning fee and 8,000 as maintenance fee.
*2 One-time fee only at the time of contract


School Activities

Teaching staff

Minoru Kiryu OLJ School Principal
school, we encourage you to study about Japanese culture and lifestyle, or about specialist fields as needed, towards not only learning the language but also achieving your individual goals. Wouldn’t you like to come have fun learning the Japanese language in Shinjuku, located right in the centre of Tokyo in an area that is full of young people?

Minoru Kiryu OLJ School Principal

Erika Seki   Office Manager
I think all of you who is trying to dive into the new world of "foreign countries" has a wonderful spirit of challenge. Even after coming to Japan, I want you to keep that feeling and try various things. It is said that "wants" is necessary for humans to grow. Please try anything you want such as "I want to do", "I want to see", and "I want to eat". I want you to live a fulfilling study abroad life by fulfilling many desires.

Erika Seki   Office Manager


UBG Higashi Ikebukuro Building 2F,3F,
2-23-2, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013
TEL: +81-3-6709-0585
*8 minutes on foot from JR Otsuka station