Kyoshin Language Academy

Osaka School

School FeaturesSchool characteristics

Point01Educational Mission: “Cultivate students who can contribute to society using Japanese”

・A practical curriculum with wide-ranging activities that connect students to society in and outside of the classroom, as well as in and outside of campus.

・Through collaborative learning in a global environment, students learn from others, make discoveries, and attain personal growth

Point02A curriculum combining the latest educational techniques with teachers who continue learning along with students

・Class design and evaluation methods structured according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
・Turning understanding into accomplishment: a curriculum that stresses development of language command
・Regular opportunities for teachers to reevaluate, improve, and share experiences from their classes in seminars and study groups.

Point03A climate in which students make discoveries in tandem with each of our professionals and pursue growth through collaboration

In addition to educating students to become global human resources, our professionals also pursue a global mindset themselves through collaboration and the ability to identify challenges

School Facility

Student Dormitory

Shared-Type We will refer other property if full, but RATE MIGHT DIFFERS. (Currency unit:JPY )

Room Type Single*1 Double*1 Single Quadruple
Entrance fee 30,000 22,000
Deposit 44,000 *2 28,000 *3
Rent/month 36,000 23,000 44,000 21,000
Utilities/month 15,000 10,000 actual cost
Insurance/month included in rent
Initial payment
(6 months)
336,000 228,000 330,000 154,000
Common facilities kichten, bath, toilet, lounge, WiFi 24 hrs residence support
Room facilities air conditioning, bed, desk air conditioning, bed, desk, refrigerator, washing machine, bathroom(shower), microwave, toilet, kitchen, Wi-Fi, Bedding (8,000)
Location 8 minutes by bus to school 15 minutes on foot to school 7 minutes on foot to school


*1 JPY10,000 will be charged if the room has not been cleaned or made damage to the room or equipment of the room.
*2 Cleaning fee of JPY22,000 will be deducted when moving out. Actual amount will be charge if you make damage to the room.
*3 Cleaning fee of JPY7,000 will be deducted when moving out. Actual amount will be charge if you make damage to the room.
*4 Must pay in cash on move in by the day for the first month rent.


School Activities

Teaching staff

Naoko Takeda  Principal / Head Teacher
During your stay in Japan, I hope you will not only study Japanese language itself but also learn to use it to build a relationship with people and the world around you. We, members of the KLA Osaka School, would like to help you with this path to make your new soul grow and become more colourful.

Naoko Takeda  Principal / Head Teacher

Tomohiro Manabe  Office Manager
It takes time to get used to the lifestyle in another country. With that in mind, we, the office staff, will do everything we can to help you feel at ease, so that you can focus on your studies. At our school, we have staff who can speak English, Chinese, and Indonesian. We will assist you from the time you enter the country, with a variety of aspects of daily living, including housing and part-time work. Please feel at ease and devote yourself to your studies. We await you here, at our new school in Osaka.

Tomohiro Manabe  Office Manager


2-2-19, Nagaihigashi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 558-0004
TEL: +81-6-6115-6150
*3 minutes on foot from Nagai station