Kyoshin Language Academy

Biwako School

School FeaturesSchool characteristics

Japanese language school connected to career pathways

Point01Curriculums that develop Japanese skills for working in Japan after graduation

・To provide 2 programs which are “Employment Preparation Program” and “Caregiver’s Japanese College and Employment Program”
・To develop ”Language skill”, “Adjustment skill for cultural differences” and “Communication skill (for working)”
・To conduct effective classes towards Japanese levels and achievement of future goals by dividing classes with combination
of levels, purposes and future paths
・To put a great deal of effort into JLPT preparation to aim for passing the levels that are required for each work places

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Point02Comfortable to live, and easy to focus on study with a rich environment filled in nature

・Quiet surroundings help you to focus on study with filled in nature such as Biwako, the largest lake in Japan and mountains
・Substantial convenient facilities for living such as supermarkets,
shopping centers, city hall, banks, post office and clinics
・Easy access to major cities
(17 mins to Kyoto by train, 53 mins to Osaka by train)

Point03Support study abroad life

・A fully furnished accommodation located within commuting by walking or cycling to school
・Extension and changing of status of residence
・Resident registration procedure
・National health insurance procedure
・Open a bank account
・Mobile phone contract
・Introduce medical facilities and clinics
・To conduct a health checkup
・To refer a part-time job through our job placement service in collaboration with human resource agencies

School Facilities

Student Dormitory

Shared Type. We will refer other property if full, but RATE MIGHT DIFFERS. (Currency unit:JPY )


Room Type Single Double
Entrance fee 30,000 50,000
Deposit 20,000 *1
Cleaning fee 10,000 *Charged if the room was severely dirty
Rent/month 33,000 25,000
Utilities/month 8,000
(Actual cost if over 8,000/person)
Actual cost
Initial payment
(6 months)
306,000 200,000
Common facilities kitchen, stove, dining table with chairs, refrigerator, shower with bathtub, toilet, washing machine
Room facilities air conditioning, bed with bedding (free), desk with chair, lamp, Wi-Fi air conditioning, bedding (8,500), desk with chair, lamp, Wi-Fi
Location 15 minutes on foot to school 15 minutes by bicycle to school


*1 Refund on moving out. Actual amount will be charge if you make damage to the room or to the equipment of the room.



Employment Preparation Program

This program is designed for those who wish to work in Japan.

Business Japanese: Be able to learn both general and business Japanese, JLPT preparation, and business manners
Career support:  Be able to get information and knowledge for job hunting through our career support class and counseling
Job placement: Be able to receive a support to get a job through our job placement service in collaboration with human resource agencies that we have a business relationship
Caregiver’s Japanese College and Employment Program

This program is designed for those who wish to work as a caregiver in Japan playing a vital role in the industry.

Japanese for caregiving work: Be able to learn general Japanese, the language used in caregiving industry, and business manners
Caregiving training school: Be able to enroll in a 2-year caregiving training school
Part-time job: To have an opportunity to work part-time for our partner’s facility while you are a student
Job placement: To have an opportunity to work for a hospital or nursing facility after completing the program
Study loan program: Available after entering a caregiving training school (No required to repay if work for a designated facility for 5 years or pass a national exam for caregiver) *Selection process by a caregiving facility is required
Study period (Standard)

Employment Preparation Program Caregiver’s Japanese College and Employment Program
April 1-2 years 2 years
October 1 and a half years




From Beginner Class (A2.1)  

Joint class


Project (Field work)

*To become able to speak about yourself with a decent amount of sentences
*To do a joint class and a project work beyond class levels
From Upper Beginner Class (B1.1)
*To provide a JLPT preparation class half a week
*To start a career support class
*To provide support based on each levels and purposes


School Activities

Teaching staff

Satoshi Niitsu Principal / Office Manager
Hello everyone. I'm Niitsu from KLA Biwako School.

Our school is located in Shiga prefecture that is full of nature.
It is famous for Biwako/Biwa Lake, the largest lake in Japan.

Although we are a Japanese language school located in a provincial city,
you will never feel inconvenient in your daily life as there are various convenient facilities available near our school.
It is also possible for you to go out to big cities like Osaka and Kyoto by train on holiday.

Our Biwako school staff "values each one of you."
As we give you full support so that you will be able to achieve your goals, we encourage you to come here and study at Biwako school.

Let's meet here at Biwako school in the near future!

Satoshi Niitsu Principal / Office Manager

Saya Irie Head Teacher
Leaning language is at the same time experiencing its culture and knowing about it.
That gives you to see cultural diversity and broaden your world.
That's why I also like to lean languages.
When living in Japan, I wish you go outside of school and feel "real" Japanese culture and language. You will be able to acquire rich Japanese and break out of your shell by expanding your world. And of course, our school provides curriculums that give you to have an opportunity to discover a variety of new things.
Not only leaning Japanese language, also you can gain knowledge and common sense for working in Japan. We will do our very best to support KLA students who are going to be out in Japanese society in future.

Saya Irie Head Teacher


3-11-1, Taishogun, Otsu-shi, Shiga 520-2145
TEL: +81-77-526-5699
*5 minutes on foot from JR Seta station (Biwako line)