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Voice of Alumni

Voice of Alumni

  • Hugo Fernandez Martin

    I learned about Japanese culture and customs, not just the Japanese language.

    All of the staff and teachers were very kind. I’ve learned Japanese culture, customs and how people in Japan think. I was planning to stay for a year at first, but I decided to extend my stay for another year because I felt so comfortable studying Japanese at Shibuya School. Learning Japanese is fun and exciting so I would like to continue studying it.

    Hugo Fernandez Martin
    From Spain

  • Lauriane Bedin

    Lively atmosphere class in a small group made studying fun

    I learned in this school with the aim of taking JLPT level N2. I’m glad I did so, since I improved a lot in that short time. The explanations given by the nice teachers helped a lot to understand the nuances that can not be fully understandable by self study. Furthermore, the small number of students and the lively atmosphere make studying fun as well as effective. The staff are always eager to take care of students’ worriers and problems. Thank you everyone for this excellent time, I wish I could stay longer!

    Lauriane Bedin
    From France

  • Than Htike Oo

    The Fashion show at the Christmas Party was fun!

    My class has a warm atmosphere and it is fun studying Japanese. The most memorable event that I enjoyed was a fashion show at the Christmas party.We all dressed up in our own traditional clothing. We had people wearing Kimonos, maid costumes and pop culture character costumes. I think this kind of cross-cultural experience is really valuable.

    Than Htike Oo
    From Myanmar

  • Klinsudjai Soranan

    I am grateful for support with my life

    Since I started at this school, I have made many friends from a variety of countries. The teachers are very kind, and I enjoy coming to the school every day. The teachers give home work assignments daily, but I strongly feel that they lead to the improvement in my Japanese skills. They have offered tremendous support with my life in Japan. I am sincerely grateful for choosing this school.

    Klinsudjai Soranan
    From Thailand

  • Liu Chin-Wei

    Uneasy feeling has gone after coming to Japan

    Before coming to Japan, I was excited and uneasy. But now the uneasy feeling has gone, and my school life is awesome! The teachers are very kind and enthusiasm. They always help me when I’m in trouble. I have made good friends with lots of classmates from around the world.

    Liu Chin-Wei
    From Taiwan

  • Chen Jia

    I got accepted to Hitotsubashi University!!

    I really like the curriculum at Akihabara School.It helped me prepare for my entrance exam to Hitotsubashi University.I feel thankful to all of my teachers’ devotion in supporting me through my stay at Akihabara School. I think attending this school is a great way to start studying abroad in Japan.

    Chen Jia
    From China

  • Meisch Charles Gudni

    Teachers are always very sincere in their dealings with the students!

    Studying at this school is helpful for improving Japanese and living in Japan. The teachers are always willing to answer questions about the Japanese language, but also general questions about life in Japan. The teachers at this school are always very sincere in their dealings with the students.

    Meisch Charles Gudni
    From USA

  • Lee Davis

    My goal is to build self-confidence

    I came to Japan in March of 2015. I feel that the Japanese culture is very special and interesting. I am still in training for Japanese language. My goal is to build self-confi dence. This is a new experience.

    Lee Davis
    From Britain (Working holiday Visa)

  • Uzay Hacaoglu

    OLJ is a school and a family

    For me, OLJ is a school and a family. I am close with the other students and the teachers. The teachers are very kind and generous. The lessons at OLJ are fun and I was able to spend a wonderful time during my stay. Thank you OLJ! !

    Uzay Hacaoglu
    From Turkey

  • Nasanjargal Munkhmaral

    Looking forward to going to school every day

    I love this school. The teachers are all very kind to the students and they are very good at teaching Japanese in a fun and clear way. They made me want to learn and I looked forward to going to school every day. There are many courses of instruction, and you can choose according to your interests. Also, I made many friends, and I had so much fun outside of school. I also liked that the school was very clean.

    Nasanjargal Munkhmaral
    From Mongolia

  • Endrizal Andre Andhika

    The key to success is time management!

    The key to a successful study abroad in Japan is time management. There are so many things to do, including studying at school, doing homework, working, cooking, and hanging out with other students from all over the world. Use your time wisely!

    Endrizal Andre Andhika
    From Indonesia

  • Zhou Zihan

    I got a Japanese Nursing Certificate

    I came to Japan with a nursing certificate from China. I studied for the National Nursing Exam at Shinjuku School. I started to work at a hospital as a nurse from April of 2013. My friends and I encouraged and helped each other for the exam. I would like to continue to study advanced medicine in Japan.

    Zhou Zihan
    From China

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