Kyoshin Language Academy

Ueno School

School FeaturesSchool characteristics

Point01A stable student support system

・Elaborate counseling for post-graduate education individualized to each student’s needs
・An abundance of information on affiliated schools, post-graduate guidance, and school visits
・nterviews and hearings individualized to your learning conditions
・Preparation courses for JLPT and other external exams

Point02A substantial living sphere from the school to the dormitory to the station

・The school is within 3 minutes walk from Nippori Station, a good location
・Within a 3 minute walk from the dormitory to the school
・A plethora of amenities, including hospitals, convenience stores, and restaurants

Point03Support for your life in Japan

・A fully equipped dormitory
・Interviews individualized to your living conditions enable counseling to help you live self-sufficiently
・Sufficient guidance for part-time work
・Health support (first-time visit support, check-ups on your hospital visits and health condition)

School Facilities

Student Dormitory

 We will refer other property if full, but RATE MIGHT DIFFERS. (Currency unit: JPY)

Room Type Double Single
Entrance fee 30,000
Facility fee




Cleaning fee 5,000
Actual amount will be charge if you make damage to the room or to the equipment of the room
Rent/month 35,000~48,000 58,000~75,000
Utilities/month actual cost actual cost
Initial payment
(6 months)
275,000~353,000 413,000~515,000
Common facilities bathroom(shower), toilet, kitchen, washing machine, microwave, refrigerator
Room facilities Air conditioning, internet, desk, chair, bedding, closet
Location 20 minutes by train  from school.



School Activities

Teaching staff

Iwao Takizawa  Principal of Ueno School
The 21st century is all about globalization and the information age. I am positive that the relationship between your home country and Japan will become even stronger in the near future. In its current state, Japan is in need of personnel who possess an understanding of Japanese culture, society rules, and social conventions, not Japanese language ability.

I believe that this knowledge can only be gained by real-life experiences while living in Japan. We are confident that your stay at our school will meet your needs and enhance your future life in Japan.

We have great teachers, an outstanding student support system, and an excellent study environment. We cannot wait to welcome you to our school.

Iwao Takizawa  Principal of Ueno School




Mizukoshi building 2F,3F,
5-50-8, Higashinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0014
TEL: +81-3-6806-7844
*3 minutes on foot from JR Nippori station