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Please let me know the deadlines for each entry period.
In case of enrollment on a student visa the deadline for application is approximately five months before the admission month.
※ Depending on the situation with the maximum number of students, the application deadlines may move up and the application pediod may change depending on the year.
In case of enrollment on other than the student visa the deadline is approximately one month before.
* Depending on the situation with the maximum number of students the application deadlines may move up.
When is the first part of tuition fees to be paid?
Once the “Certificate of Eligibility” is issued, we will send you an invoice from our school, so please make the payment via bank transfer or Flywire.
Is there a system for scholarships or for reduction of tuition fees?
Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions, but in case of enrollment in a student visa, the contents will differ depending on the conditions of applicants who wish to enroll, so please consult us separately regarding that.
Residence Status · · · How long will it take for the results on the issuance of the Certificate to come out?
It will take about two and a half months until the “Certificate of Eligibility” is issued after submitting the application documents for approval to the Immigration Bureau.
I heard that the Certificate of Eligibility is required to apply for the student visa but how do I get the Certificate of Eligibility?
The applications for the Certificate of Eligibility will be handled by the school, so please submit the necessary documents to the school.
I do not speak Japanese well. Will I be able to apply by myself?
Yes, you can. Kyoshin Language Academy has staff that can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.
If I canceled my admission, will I get back the expenses which I already paid?
Please inquire in detail individually.
After entering the country, are there expenses to be paid to school such as textbook fees, etc.?
There are none. Textbook fees are included in tuition. However, transportation expenses may be required for school excursions and events.
Can I apply even if I am still in high school?
Admission is possible if you can graduate by the time you want to enroll.
※ Please contact us if you cannot graduate by the desired enrollment time.
I have been to Japan several times, so can I apply for the student visa?
Yes, you can. However, it is necessary to submit all the entry history. Please contact us if there are no reliable records of it (e.g. you cannot find your old passport).
Until what age can I enroll?
There is no age limit.
However, in case of the student visa you may not be able to enroll depending on other conditions.
I have never studied Japanese before. Can I enroll?
The answer depends on the type of visa and the admission period, so please make a detail inquiry.
Is it possible to enroll in the middle of a semester?
In case of the student visa it is not possible.
In cases of the visa other than the student visa, if the level matches it might be possible, so please contact us separately.
Is it possible to extend the attendance period after starting the course?
Of course it is possible. For details please consult the school office after your enrollment.


How long can I study?
For student visas, you can study for up to two years.
How many people are in the class?
There is a maximum of 20 students per class.
What are the class times?
Classes are held from Monday to Friday.
Class hours are somewhat different depending on the school, but there are classes in the morning and in the afternoon.
Your class will be determined by the results of the placement test.
In what language do the teachers teach?
Classes are conducted using the direct method, so they are done only in Japanese. For beginner’s lessons, easy-to-understand pictures and photographs are used, so please do not worry.
I am already studying Japanese. But will I have to start it from scratch in Japan?
No, you can study in a class that suits your level.
Before starting classes, we will conduct placement tests. Depending on results of written exams and interviews, studies can be started in classes that match your level.
I am studying Japanese, but what level will I have in one year?
What level you will have in one year will depend on the level of your Japanese at the time of enrollment Please check the table for learning periods and achievement goals.
* The period for each level is 4 months
Do you have support for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test?
Yes, we have.
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a test in which your Japanese proficiency is publicly certified.
During classes we incorporate support measures according to your level.
Can I study only how to speak?
During lessons you will study “reading”, “writing”, “speaking” and “listening” in a balanced manner. By studying these four skills in a balanced way, you will become skilled in Japanese. Therefore, it is not possible to study only the conversation skills.
Does the same teacher teach every day?
There is more than one teacher in charge of each class.

3.Studying further

Will you provide advice on future studies?
Yes, of course.
We regularly hold career counseling sessions covering contents such as admission to universities, employment, etc. If you go on to study at the university, we will help you from the university selection to interview support, if you are looking for employment, we will support you with writing your resume and with your interview.
Is there support for entering a university?
Yes, these is. After entering the school, you will begin preparations for entering a university.
Do you have special programs for going to a university?
Yes, we do.
Some school of KLA group that many students go on to university have programs for the EJU Preparatory Classes. Not to mention the Japanese language courses, we also offer classes on basic subjects such as mathematics and science. Preparations can be started at an early stage as there are also classes in English for those with who are beginners in Japanese.


Please tell me about the nationality of the students
It depends on the school, so please inquire in detail separately.
Are there school events?
Yes, there are. The contents of event vary from school to school. Please look forward to them.
Is there anything that I should take with me to Japan?
Please bring your medicines, a personal computer, the mobile phone you use in your home country, money for living expenses for the first time, etc.
Do you provide the airport pick-up service on the first day of arrival to Japan?
Yes, we do. We set up arrival dates for students who will live in school dormitories and will provide pick-up services. (There is a charge for them)
After completing the course at the Japanese language school, can I get a certificate of completion or a degree?
You can obtaion your certificate of completion (certain conditions must be met).
You cannot have a degree.
Is there Wi-Fi at schools?
Yes, WI-FI is available at all schools.


Please tell me about accommodation.
There are dormitories or accommodations affiliated with the school. Because it depends on the school, please inquire in detail individually.
Can I do homestay?
We cooperate with a company that introduces homestay opportunities, so it is possible.
Please tell me about school dormitories.
Because it depends on the school, please inquire in detail individually.
Can I live outside of the school dorm?
Yes, you can. If you have acquaintances in Japan or you can find a place by yourself, it is OK to live outside of the school dormitory.
Can I cook by myself at the school dormitory?
Yes, you can. Your living expenses will be cheaper if you cook your own meals.

6.Life in Japan

How much are monthly living expenses in Japan?
Please see here for details. →website
Can I buy a mobile phone in Japan?
Yes, you can buy it in case you have a student visa. It may be possible to purchase and use a Japanese SIM card with the mobile phone which you currently use in your home country.
When I enter Japan, how much cash should I bring with me?
It is desirable to bring cash for one or two months worth of living expenses.
If you have a student visa you can also make an account in Japan and have money remitted to you from your home country. You can also withdraw cash at ATMs in Japan using ATM cards of your home country bank. It would be safe to bring a credit card.
Please tell me about insurance in Japan.
Please check here. To website
Can I work part-time?
In the case of a student visa, you can work part-time up to 28 hours a week after obtaining the “Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted” at the Immigration Bureau.
Can you introduce opportunities for a part-time job?
Part-time job information will be posted on the bulletin board. Please make good use of that information. If you still can not find a job, please contact the secretariat directly.
I am worried if I get sick.
If you study on a student visa, you must join the National Health Insurance. You will only have to pay 30% of your medical costs.

7.What to do before entering the country

Can I buy tickets for Japan immediately after applying?
In the case of enrollment on a student visa, please purchase them promptly after your Certificate of Eligibility is issued. In case of enrollment on the short-term visa, you can purchase them immediately after applying.
Since we set airport pickup dates, please try to come to Japan preferably on those days.
Do I need to study kanji before entering Japan?
You can apply without any experience. It is advised to be able to read and write hiragana and katakana before you come to Japan as much as possible so you can apply them smoothly to your learning and life in Japan.
What is a good thing to do before going to Japan?
It is good to learn how to cook, so you can cook for yourself.
It is good to learn how you can introduce your home country.
It is better to have treated any diseases or illnesses you have.


Are there short-term courses?
It is possible to study for as short as two weeks and on. However, in that case you will enter the country on the short-term visa.
Are there summer courses?
We had them in 2017 and 2018. We will also do it in 2019. For details, please ask.
I am working in Japan now. Are private lessons possible?
Depending on the school they are possible, so please contact us.
What should I do if I have any troubles during my study in Japan?
Please feel free to contact the teaching staff about your Japanese language learning and the office staff about your life in Japan.