Kyoshin Language Academy

Course Guide

The students studying at Kyoshin Language Academy have a variety of goals. Even if your goal is different from those who want to enter a university or graduate school, or to find a job, strong fundamental Japanese skills are important for everyone who studies the Japanese language. Kyoshin Language Academy offers an array of courses not only for students who wish to purse higher education, but for students who want to acquire communication skills or find employment as well. To help students achieve their goals, we gauge the progress of students and improve their Japanese skills through daily lessons and consultations, etc.

Graduate School Preparation Course

The Graduate School Preparation Course is a class for those who wish to enter a Japanese graduate school.
In addition to teaching the necessary Japanese and English language skills required to enter graduate school, the highly-experienced instructors will provide comprehensive support for admission to graduate school, from finding a graduate school that meets your desires to intensive guidance on how to select a research lab, how to contact professors, creating research proposals, and interviews, etc. We use the information Kyoshin has accumulated over many years of guidance for prospective graduate students effectively so that it can be put to practical use by each student, guiding them toward acceptance to graduate school.

Graduate School Admissions Schedule (for January entrance exams)

April July October January
Guidance counseling
Research topic counseling
Finding an appropriate professor
School visits

Before taking a graduate school entrance exam, consultations with professors are also available. By visiting each school it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of the actual class and campus environment that cannot be perceived through the internet or brochures. For this reason we encourage you to visit each school as often as necessary . Since KLA is surrounded by a large number of universities, making school visits is extremely convenient.

Individual school exam preparatory class Research proposal Your research proposal is the most important part of graduate school entrance exams, so it is important to develop a unique research proposal based on your university studies.
Essay preparation You will develop the ability to clearly express your thoughts and information with in a fixed time limit and length.

10 or more individual corrections

Oral exam preparation

10 or more private lessons

Graduate School Admissions Process

  • Decide on a research topic
  • Contact professor
  • Compose research proposal
  • Consult with professor
  • Qualification screening and application submission
  • Exam
  • Pass!!

University Preparation Course

This class is for those who wish to acquire advanced Japanese skills and enter their university of choice.
Students are sorted into classes based on Japanese language ability starting from beginner level, and they study Japanese in stages, so that they can step up smoothly from the fundamentals to practical use. In addition to extensive preparation for the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), students will be guided to their ideal university through preparatory courses for the core subjects required for humanities and STEM programs (general studies, math, and science) leveraging the experience Kyoshin has cultivated over many years at our university preparation schools. Students also receive individual instruction, such as counseling for university admissions and interview practice, and the class instructors and specialist lecturers will provide fine-tuned guidance.

University Admissions Annual Schedule

April July October January
Guidance counseling
Attend continuing education explanatory meeting
Deciding on a school and department
Interview practice and individual school exam preparation

University Admissions Process

  • Attend continuing education explanatory meeting
  • Prepare for and take the EJU
  • Decide on a school and department
  • Qualification screening and application submission
  • Individual school exam preparation
  • Exam
  • Pass!!

Arts Course

This class is for students who wish to enter a fine arts university. In addition to standard Japanese lessons, students also acquire the basic art skills required by arts universities and graduate schools, such as drawing, color composition, and plane composition, etc. The education students received varies by country, so the course also cultivates the “aesthetic sense” required by Japanese arts universities. While the field of art is diverse, this course aims to assist students in passing entrance exams for famous arts universities and graduate programs by providing exam preparation guidance for practical tests, essays, interviews, and research proposals, etc., that matches their individual goals.

Short Term Courses

These courses are for those who wish to study Japanese short-term for 1 to 3 months.
Students in these courses will study alongside students in the study abroad visa course and receive the same guidance support. Students can study topics for a wide range of goals, from mastering daily conversation in Japanese to future university admissions preparations, or preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Special Short Term Programs are also held depending on the season.

Special Short Term Programs

Study Abroad and Cultural Experience

Students will visit places where they can appreciate and experience Japanese culture as part of the class. For those who have just arrived in Japan, or who have just begun studying Japanese, going out on one’s own may be difficult. This class enables such students to participate with peace of mind, appreciating and experiencing Japanese culture.

Job Seeking Course

With the increasing necessity for global personnel these days, a growing number of Japanese companies are hiring staff from outside of Japan. This course is perfect for those who wish to learn both Japanese and fundamental business skills to work in the global business world in the future.
Students who wish to seek employment in Japan will study the Japanese communication skills necessary for job seeking in Japan, receiving instruction on resume writing, telephone and email etiquette, formal Japanese, and practice for interviews, etc. It provides preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) which will be useful when seeking employment. There are also company orientations and visits to companies, etc., where students can hear from graduates who are foreign employees actually working with Japanese coworkers. Some graduates have even taken positions in Kyoshin Group companies.