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Group Privacy Policy (For Customers)

Kyoshin Language Academy Group (herein referred to as “we” or “our company”) recognizes the importance of handling the personal information of our company’s customers and considers the appropriate management and protection of this information to be an essential responsibility. We aim to further improve customer trust by working to appropriately handle and manage personal information.

*When you provide us with your personal information, we deem that you have read and agreed with the Privacy Policy. If you have any questions on the Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Service Desk.

Definition of Personal Information]て

Personal information refers to information relating to foreign exchange students and their families, including names, date of birth and other indicators, grades, rankings, results of various tests and certifications, identification codes formed of characters, numbers and symbols assigned to an individual, images or sounds that identify an individual (including information that may not specifically identify an individual, but can be referenced with other information to easily compare and identify the individual).

Efforts to Protect Personal Information

  • Our company complies with laws and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information.
  • In order to prevent and account for any unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of personal information, we shall continuously review and improve our company’s personal information protection policy. We have created manuals and regulations on the handling of personal information, and strive to implement the best management and handling practices at all times.

Purpose of Use

Our company shall use personal information within the appropriate scope, as stated below.

  • We shall provide advice on future study methods based on grades, academic records, surveys, interview results, etc. Furthermore, in order to improve student motivation, we shall display information within the school such as the names of top-performing students and the names of successful external exam takers (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, etc.).
  • We shall use personal information to provide advice on future academic/career decisions and to assist in future academic/career guidances  by gathering and analyzing your test results.
  • We shall use personal information to keep track of attendance status and financial information for clerical purposes. In addition, we may display students’ seating charts within corresponding classrooms.
  • We may display the names of schools, departments, students, alma maters, and successful exam takers of those studying at our Japanese language school. In addition, we may publish this information in Kyoshin Group’s affiliated journal’s, or in advertisement media.
  • If personal information other than the acceptance announcement indicated in point s published in pamphlets, fliers, posters, or on the homepage, we shall first explain the intent, content, and method of publication and obtain consent from the corresponding parties.
  • We shall provide service information of our company for those making document requests. We shall also provide enrolled, graduated, or withdrawn students and families with this service information.
  • We shall provide these materials to past instructors, and for recruiting part-time or full-time employees.

Transferring Personal Information Outside EEA (European Economic Area)]

For the operational necessity that fall within the scope of the above purpose of use, we shall transfer data outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) and use within our company.

Provision of Personal Information to Contractors]

We may provide necessary personal information to external companies and subcontractors in order to perform tasks required within the scope of the purpose of use, such as scoring tests and processing data. In such cases, our company shall select a contractors who can appropriately handle personal information and provide supervision.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company shall responsibly manage the personal information we receive. We will only provide or disclose this information to third parties in the below cases.

  • When consent from the customer is obtained.
  • When maintaining confidentiality with a third party, and notifying the customer of the purpose of use, the information used, and the method and procedure for provision.
  • When disclosure or provision is required by law.
  • When disclosure is necessary to protect one’s property, health, or life, and obtaining consent from the individual is not possible.
  • When disclosure is required in order to comply with a legally prescribed task delegated from a national institution, municipality, or other entrusted body, and obtaining the customer’s consent would interfere with the corresponding duties.

Voluntary Provision of Information]

Provision of personal information by the student is entirely optional. In addition, the student reserves the right to refuse provision and use, to request revision and deletion, and to disclose their information by submitting a request at the service desk or at their corresponding school. However, please note that we may be unable to provide adequate services without being provided this information, as it may interfere with clerical work, managing student grades, and providing academic/career guidance. Please contact your corresponding school if you wish to remain anonymous in publications listing successful school entry.


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