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KLA’s two main events

KLA Speech Contest

The representatives from all schools within the KLA Group come together in one place and express their passions in Japanese. This event also acts as an opportunity to display the results from their daily training in Japanese language and a celebration to those who work hard in a place with a different culture towards achieving their dreams.

Also, a student executive committee manages the series of contests from the school to national levels, and holds various events to showcase their performances. This is an opportunity not only for those who stand on the podium and deliver speeches, but also for students who are involved in the executive committee and those who perform to shine and be known.

KLA Japanese Writing Contest

Expressing one’s thoughts through reading and writing requires the ability to think logically and convey those thoughts accurately. Such activities can also be used to test the ability to understand the language. Students from all schools contribute their works that express their passions and hopes when they embrace their dreams, leaving their homelands, and studying hard in Japan.

School Events

■Spring Events Example)Cherry-blossom viewing, BBQ party, Sightseeing

■Summer Events Example)Weaver festival, Trip to Mt.Fuji, Cultural experience

■Fall Events Example)Hiking, Bowling meet, Autumn leaves

■Winter Events Example)Trip to Disneyland, Ice skating, Speech contest

Please go to the homepage of each school to see the school-level events

Cultural Experience, International Exchange

Ceramic art experience, Making Soba noodle experience, Exchange program with Japanese high school students, Tea ceremony, Yuzen Dyeing, Zen meditation, Debate with Japanese colledge students