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Student support

Safety measures

KLA aims to be Japan’s safest and most secure Japanese language school. To that end, we have established a dedicated team to prepare our own manual of safety measures. At KLA, you can enjoy your life as an international student with peace of mind.

  • Disaster prevention

    At KLA, we take a variety of measures to ensure the safety of students in the event of a disaster (such as an earthquake, fire or typhoon), including regular assessment of available information, carrying out disaster drills and maintaining an emergency contact system. We hold a disaster drill each year.

  • Maintenance of the school buildings and environment

    To ensure the safety of students’ learning environment, in addition to enhancing the security of the school’s facilities, we carry out regular safety inspections to confirm there are no dangerous areas.

  • Other safety measures

    To prevent incidents, we keep household medicines on stock for unwell students, and our faculty receive first-aid training in order to be able to respond to emergency situations.

Support for entering university or finding work

KLA, with its motto of “Realizing the Dreams of International Students,” makes full use of the strength of the KLA schools across Japan to support each student on the path they wish to pursue, whether that be going on to tertiary education or finding work.

We are developing our own database system based on the combined information gathering abilities of each school in our nationwide group. This system will allow us to offer the ideal path for each student seeking to advance to university, matched to their desires and level. Our experienced instructors use an abundance of entrance examination information to provide counseling to guide each student in fulfilling their aspirations. We have partnerships with universities and vocational schools all over Japan, and have secured a large quota of recommendation with them.

For international students who wish to find employment, we provide guidance on business manners and how to write a resume, as well as mock interviews and individual counseling. We have a large network of partnerships with businesses, and many of our graduates are successfully employed in Japanese companies.

  • Academic advancement information sessions

    Professors and alums are invited to offer descriptions of their respective institutions

  • Individualized instructions

    Academic advancement and learning plans are customized to each student’s skills and progress.

  • Mock interview training

    Students hone their skills to appropriately handle situations by repeatedly practicing interviewing techniques.

  • Prepation for EJU/ Guidance for graduate school

    We also offer classes to prepare for the EJU examinations which are necessary for entrance for further education institutions. For students wanting to go to graduate schools, we provide detailed guidance on Japanese procedures, research planning, methods for making contact.

Part-time jobs

International students may work a part-time job for up to 28 hours a week if they obtain “Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted.” We will help students who wish to work part-time find the right job for them.

Life in Japan

Free medical check-ups and insurance

At KLA, the health of international students is our number one priority. We provide regular medical check-ups free of charge, with the school bearing any expenses. We also obtain insurance for international students just in case you fall ill or get injured. You can enjoy your school life with peace of mind.

Student accommodations

We provide a variety of types of living accommodations to meet each student’s needs for studying abroad with peace of mind, including our company’s own dormitories and affiliated dormitories.
The specifics vary between schools. Please check the page of each school for detailed information.

Scholarships and financial incentives

The Kyoshin Language Academy maintains a scholarship system to support its most academically minded students. The scholarship system has been instituted in order to provide the aid necessary for students to live a comfortable existence, to fully engage in the pursuit of knowledge without the need to worry about securing a source of income, and to obtain the high-value education that will enable them to make their own contributions to society later on.

KLA ScholarshipⅠ

While attending school, students who are determined to have achieved high attendance, good classroom behavior, academic records, and enthusiasm, will be awarded prizes for:
Top Student Award / Outstanding Student Award / Hard-work Award
Awarded: At graduation

KLA ScholarshipⅡ

All students who achieve a 100% attendance rate, no late arrivals, and no missed attendances, will be awarded.

Perfect attendance

  • 2-year course ¥30,000
  • 1yr 9mo course ¥25,000
  • 1yr 6mo course ¥20,000
  • 1yr 3mo course ¥10,000
  • 1-year course ¥10,000

KLA financial incentives

Students who achieve a 100% attendance rate, no late arrivals, and no missed
attendances, will be awarded 2,000 Yen.
Awarded: Every 3 months

Scholarships provided by 3rd parties

Monbukagakusho scholarship for international students

  • ¥30,000 per month
  • Period: 1 year
  • Multiple recipients
  • The school makes the recommendation to Monbukagakusho after evaluating the student’s standing and academic record as a whole.

Monbukagakusho scholarship (deferred)

  • ¥48,000 per month
  • Period: 1 year
  • Multiple recipients
  • Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) top performers can request to receive the payment at a later time when they enroll in university, etc.

Beginning your student life

  • Arrival in Japan

    A staff member will meet you at the airport and lead you to the school or the student dormitory.

  • Entrance ceremony

    An entrance ceremony will be held to mark the beginning of your life as an international student.

  • The first day

    On the first day, an orientation will be held to help you make a smooth transition into your new student life.
    The faculty will help you with the various processes necessary for life in Japan, including resident registration, setting up a bank account and arranging for a mobile phone. Any concerns you have about your new life will be resolved.
    A placement test will be held to divide students into the class appropriate for their level.