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To all students who will be enrolling in KLA Group Schools(April 2020 Cohort)

In view of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide, we believe that many students will be concerned about studying abroad in

Japan or experience delays in entering Japan as a result of visa-related matters.

All schools under the Kyoshin Language Academy Group will be offering the following forms of support to everyone who is enrolling in April.


In addition, our support measures may change moving forward depending on the actions of the Japanese government and

the situations in other countries. In that case, we will provide the necessary updates here.


 1.For students who are unable to arrive by the start of the term in April (before entering Japan)

   The school will provide the necessary learning support in the event of a delay in the commencement of your term in April due to the

   novel coronavirus outbreak. Please wait for the intermediary to give you more information on how this will be carried out.


 2.The period of time from your entry into Japan to the commencement of classes

   For students from China, Korea, and Italy

    In view of the guidelines issued by the Japanese government, we may ask you to self-quarantine at home for around 14 days from

    the day you enter Japan. We apologize for the inconvenience and we seek your cooperation in this regard. While you are at home,

    the school will provide the necessary assistance pertaining to life in Japan as well as online home-learning support.

   For all other students

    Classes will be conducted as usual.


 3.Regarding learning support for students whose commencement of classes is delayed

   We seek the cooperation of all affected students, but if necessary, we may conduct online classes as well as make-up classes during

   the summer vacation, at the end of each semester, and outside of regular class time.



   If you would like to speak to one of our staff members prior to entering Japan, please feel free to email us at the following.

   (You may contact us in English, Chinese, or Vietnamese.


   When contacting us, please include the information below.

    ・Name of the school planning to study. (ex.) Kyoshin Language Academy, Shinjuku


    ・Admission month

    ・Name(”Kanji” and Pinyin for Chinese students)


No student, instructor, or staff at our schools has been diagnosed with COVID-19 at this point in time.