Nagoya Kita School Introduction

Teaching staff


Hello, everyone. I’m Sawada from Nagoya-kita school. Our school staff all have a mind of “every student is special”. We support your school life so that you achieve your dream in Japan. We truly want to welcome you to this school.

Head Teacher  Shogo Sawada


Hello, everyone! Nagoya, Chubu area, is geographically located in the center of Japan, and is considered as the center of manufacturing. Recently Nagoya’s unique food culture like Misokatsu, Ankake-spa, Ogura-toast have been popular. The school is located amidst a quiet residential area. The students are all studying hard in a homelike atmosphere. We support you all for your dream. Let’s study Japanese together in Nagoya.

Japanese Teacher  Yuri Nonaka


Young people from around the world who are thinking about studying Japanese, we are waiting for you!
In today’s international society no country can stand alone. Interdependence and mutual support are essential for continued development. For this reason, it is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of people from around the world. The people most suited to this task are the youth of tomorrow.
Young, outstanding students from around the world are studying with us here. I encourage you to join this group, work hard at your studies, and help create a better society for a wonderful future. We will work closely with you in your studies.

Office Staff  Kentaro Kikuchi