mito School Introduction

Teaching staff


Welcome to Japan. Welcome to Mito school. With regard to your life studying abroad life, there will be many things that you don’t know or are unsure of. The administrative office staff will provide support so you have a fulfilling student life. Please feel free to talk to us.

Head of the Administrative Office, Ms. Hiroko NAOI


Let’s study Japanese language and culture together. Please tell me about your country. What is your dream? Let’s make your dreams come true after learning Japanese language and culture. One day in the future, please find job that connects your country, Japan and the other countries in the world.

Teaching Coordinator, Ms. Miki TSUNASHIMA


Language gives you confidence and power. By learning Japanese, the life of international students will be fulfilled. I am happy to be part of that. Graduates often contact to Mito school and some students have said that Mito is their second home. Why don’t you study together in the warm atmosphere of Mito school? We are waiting for you.

Deputy Teaching Coordinator, Ms. Miyuki Matsuura


Mito is not my home town but it is fun to discover new things when walking in the town. Why don’t you start your new life in Mito? We are waiting for persons who can try hard with us.

Teacher, Ms. Tamae WAKANA


Ibaraki Prefecture is close to Tokyo and has tasty food as well as an abundance of nature – therefore, you can study in a calm environment. Let’s study together here.

Teacher, Ms. Yuko Ishii


In Mito School, many international students from various countries are studying Japanese. Students experience not only learning but also making friends from other countries and experiencing Japanese culture. We are waiting for you to study with us.

Teacher, Ms. Toshie TAGOMORI


Ibaraki prefecture is not famous but it’s a very nice, tranquil place with an abundance of nature. All teachers here are very kind and waiting for you to join us. Let’s study Japanese together.

Teacher, Mr. Kyohei NAMEKAWA


It’s not easy to learn Japanese but please do not forget your original intention – the reason why you came to Japan. We will support you to study Japanese and fulfill your life in Japan. Let’s achieve your dream together.

Deputy Head of the Administrative Office, Mr. Yasuo FUKAGAWA


It might be difficult until you get used to life in Japan. We will support you through to your graduation when you can think “it was good to come to Japan”, “it was good to choose Mito School”. Please come to Mito School.

Administrator, Ms. Toyoe TAKEMURA


Hello, I’m Hu from northeast China (where it’s extremely cold). I’m working as an administrator at Mito International Language School. I have lived in Japan for 19 years and, from the standpoint of the international students, I support international students’ general Japanese life. Although there are sometimes unfamiliar issues even for me, if you have any problems, let’s try hard to solve them together.

Administrator, Ms. Hu Xiuli