Part-time job introduction

Part-time Work

Based on a suivey conducted by JASSO, about 76% of international students having the “College Students” status of residence are working part-time, a large portion works in the food seivice industry, followed by sales and marketing, teaching I research assistant, hotel receptionis~ hall staff at a restaurant and others. The hourly wage varies according to type of work and location but those working in food seivices are getting about JPY 800 to JPY 1,200 an hour. Assuming that the maximum of 28 hours a week is fully used up to work; their earning will be around JPY 22,400 to JPY 33,600. To work part-time, you must first obtain the Permission to Engage in Activities other than that Pennitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted from the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau. Upon obtaining this approval you may work part-time under the conditions that

  1. the part-time work does not affect your studies.
  2. the earned income is meant to supplement your academic cost and necessary expenses and not for saving or for remittance overseas.
  3. the part-time work engaged in is not in adult entertainment businesses.
  4. Within 28 hours a week (up to 8 hours a day during long school holidays).
  5. The part-time work is done while you retain student status in an educational institution.

Effective from July 9, 2012, the application for the Pennission to Engage in Activities other than that Pennitled under the Status of Residence Previously Granted can be made in airports that issue a Resident Card upon landing (limited to Narita Airpo~ Haneda Airport, Chubu Airport and Kansai Airport as of July 9, 2012).

* Working part-time without having necessary permission, exceeding the permitted number of hours or working outside of the permissible scope of status of residence will get you penalized and/or deported.

You may get information at your school or at “Hello Work” public employment security offices on available part-time positions.

Types of Part-time works (multiple answers allowed)

1Food and beverage51.8%
2Sales and marketing25.5%
3Teaching / Research assistant7.4%
4Hotel receptionist / Serlice staff6.9%
5Language instructor6.6%
6Translation / Interpretation3.8%
8Factory / Assembly operator3.6%
9Clerical job3.5%
10Private tutor3.2%
Advice from an internatioal student in Japan

If yout need to work part-time, choose a Japanese company. Here,yout wil learn alot about the Japanese work ethics and habits. Do not neglect your study though because you may not get sufficient attendance rates to renew your status of residence. I had a friend who had to go home because of this. We are not here to work. Atways keep that in mild.

Part-time job introduction

Student’s name: Guo Cui
Part-time job details:
I have a part-time job at an izakaya (Japanese Style restaurant). I have a good relationship with my co-workers and get along well with the friendly customers. It is a 5 minute walk from the dorm. I’m earning about 100,000 yen a month (900 yen per hour ). I can practice Japanese conversation while making a living. It is so much fun to work in Japan.

Student’s name: Liu Qing
Part-time job details:
I am working at a Korean barbeque restaurant. I work 3 to 4 days a week and it’s not very tiring. I’m earning enough to cover basic living expenses. The store owner is a 60 year-old man with a warm personality. My co-workers are all Japanese students and they are always friendly to me. I work as a waiter. Being able to talk to customers and practice daily conversation makes this job a lot of fun.

【Income reference for other part-time jobs】
McDonald’s: 850 yen to 900 yen per hour
Restaurants: 900 yen to 1000 yen per hour
Convenience stores: 900 yen to 950 yen per hour