Living expenses

The average monthly cost for a student living in Japan (including tuition) is as follows

Living expenses

Compared to other cities, life in Tokyo is slightly more expensive. Japan has an outstanding national health insurance system that even foreign students can join immediately after entering the country. The cost is calculated based on your yearly income. Since most students do not have a large income (excluding scholarships), standard cost is only 9,000 yen to 13,000 yen for an entire year. By obtaining Japan’s National Health Insurance, you can receive a medical examination at any clinic or hospital in the country, and will have to pay only 30% of your medical and medicine costs. The remaining 70% will be covered by your health insurance.

In addition, foreign students are allowed to work approved part-time jobs while attending school in Japan. Ordinarily, income from a part-time job is sufficient to cover cost-of-living expenses. Before beginning a part-time job, you must first receive a special permission from the Japanese immigration office. This permission is usually issued under normal circumstances.

With this work permission, Japanese language students, university students, and graduate students (including research students) will be able to work a maximum of 28 hours per week while attending classes. It is possible to work up to 8 hours per day during long-term school holidays.

Students can use the internet and job search publications when looking for a part-time job. These types of publications can easily be purchased in most bookstores and train stations. There are numerous free publications as well.