Medical insurance

Foreigners who will be staying in Japan for a period of more than 1 year must obtain “National Health Insurance”. Please register for National Health Insurance at your local city or ward office and pay the insurance premium.
The insurance premium must be paid monthly once registration is completed. The premium varies according to local councils and one’s income. However, most of the time, the premium is about 20,000 yen per year.
Once registered with the National Health Insurance, you will only need to pay 30% of your total medical bills. When receiving treatment for injuries or illnesses, you will have to present your insurance card to be eligible for the discounted payment. Take note that medical costs for treatments not covered under the National Health Insurance must be paid in full at your own expense.

Medical insurance

Property and Casualty Insurance

 Benefits covering medical treatment for injuries incurred from accidents that are not covered by health insurance, medical treatment for injuries to other people, and compensation for property damage are provided by Accident Insurance and Individual Compensation Insurance.
KLA provides Property and Casualty Insurance to its students which covers accidents that happen at school, on the way to school, and during school events.

Tuberculosis screening

Public health centers give a free tuberculosis screening once a year.