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kobe student housing

%e5%af%ae%e5%a4%96%e8%a6%b3If you decide you would like to live in student housing, we will send you a survey form where you can indicate in advance your desired room type. Dormitory space is limited, so if there are no available rooms we will recommend other student housing options. Cost may differ in this case.

*Important* Living in the dormitories requires at least a 6 month commitment. Should you wish to renew your contract, please pay any necessary fees 3 months in advance.

Student housing is dormitory-style. If all rooms are full, we will provide other housing alternatives.

Room type 2-4 people per room
Registration fee 30,000 yen
Deposit 20,000 yen (When you leave your deposit will be refunded minus the cleaning fee of 5,000 yen)
Monthly fee 25,000 yen
Electricity, Water, Gas At cost
Insurance Included
Total cost for first 6 months 200,000 yen
Shared facilities kitchen, refrigerator, shower, toilet, washing machine
Room facilities Air conditioning, bed, desk, internet
Location 15 minutes to school on foot.

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