University Continuing Education course

Since most Japanese universities require international students to take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), it is important to do well on this exam. In addition to offering Japanese language preparation, we also offer preparatory courses in fundamental science and humanities subjects (general studies, math, science) utilizing experience cultivated over Kyoshin’s many years as a continuing education preparatory school. We also offer TOEFL and other English preparatory courses as part of a comprehensive system to guide you to your ideal university.

University entrance exam process

Experienced homeroom teachers will take on the responsibility of guiding students to their desired universities. Since everyone has different needs and wants, regular, comprehensive guidance counseling is provided for each individual student.

EJU preparatory class

Continuing education explanatory meeting

University admission success story

Entered Tokyo University of Science’s Engineering department

Chen Hao
(entered April 2011, graduated March 2012)
Continuing Education A class from Jiangxi, China

Hello, my name is Chen Hao from Jiangxi, China. In April 2010 I came to Japan and studied at Kyoshin Language Academy. Currently I am a 2nd year student at Tokyo University of Science. My Japanese level when I first came to Japan was extremely low, and I had difficulty adjusting to life here. For this reason I was very worried about my future as a foreign student in Japan. But thanks to a well-developed study plan and lifestyle advice from my teachers, I was able to study Japanese and Japanese culture during class, and also receive instruction and support outside of class with any difficulties I faced in my daily life. Teachers searched for part-time job information and helped me with various procedures and paperwork. The teachers at KLA have an incredibly strong sense of responsibility and provide classes that are both demanding and enjoyable. If I ever had any problems with my studies or life in Japan, all of the school’s teachers were available to talk. With the support of teachers like these, I am certain that you too will be able to fel more secure and confident in your studies abroad.