Graduate School Continuing Education course

At Kyoshin Language Academy we place strong emphasis on preparing students for graduate school in Japan. Highly experienced instructors will help you find your ideal graduate school and will provide thorough guidance with composing research proposals, interviews, and more. We will do everything we can to help you enter graduate school.

Yearly schedule (for January entrance exam)

Graduate school entrance exam process

At KLA, students who wish to enter graduate school can prepare while consulting daily with their homeroom teachers, as well as receive regular guidance from the entire teaching staff.

Research topic counseling session

Practice interview session

Instructor introduction

Detailed advice from a graduate school professor

Kiryu Minoru
In addition to student advisement as a professor at Japanese universities and graduate schools, he has also held positions at institutions throughout China and Asia. Combining experience as an economic analysis manager at an Asian economics research center, he continues to support Asian and Chinese students in their studies.

Japanese graduate schools are divided into 2 terms, with a master’s degree awarded at the end of the first term, and a doctorate at the end of the 2nd term. Graduate school curricula are highly specialized and allow students to address a research topic of their own choosing. During the first term’s 2 year course of study, students must complete a master’s thesis which requires a substantial amount of hard work and perseverance. Unlike undergraduate courses, students are expected to perform research and study on their own in addition to regular class attendance. Each student’s advisers chosen at the time of admission also administer classes, but ultimately each student is responsible for developing a research proposal, gathering data, and performing interviews or other tasks as necessary. Research and thesis principles are as follows: (1) Organization and analysis of established research (2) Originality (3) New discoveries or innovations. The joy of having one’s own thesis and research accepted is difficult to compare to any other experience. Many international students struggle to write their theses in Japanese. However, for that exact reason it is important to develop strong Japanese skills that will be useful during one’s research and thesis composition.

Graduate school admission success story

Entered Chiba University Graduate School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Li Yao
(entered July 2011, graduated Sept 2012)
Advanced IA class
from Chongqing, China

I began studying at Kyoshin Language Academy’s Shinjuku school in July of 2011. The wonderful instructors were less like Japanese teachers and more like life advisers (for example, when I was worried or depressed I received a lot of helpful advice based on their own experience) who taught me many things in addition to Japanese.
When I think back, the year and 3 months I spent at KLA was a very important time in my life, even though it flew by.
Thanks to studying abroad I met many new people and had lots of new experiences I never would have had otherwise. Gaining a new understanding of things I previously didn’t know was also a wonderful experience. Being able to study at KLA made learning Japanese a fun and truly fulfilling experience. I’m sure I will encounter many difficulties in graduate school. But if I take advantage of the experience I gained at KLA, I am confident I can become a great researcher and be a useful person to others.