About Kyoshin Language Academy

Each student is special

At Kyoshin Language Academy we value every student and
are committed to supporting your study abroad experience in Japan.

Greetings from the Executive Director

Kyoshin language Academy is a Japanese language school which developed from Kyoshin Co., Ltd, a major player among schools preparing students for higher studies. We have 3 schools in Tokyo and 1 school each in Mito, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe with a total capacity of approximately 1900 students. Students come to us from countries around the world, and our graduates go on to engage in a diverse range of challenges, such as entering a Japanese university, graduate school, or vocational college, or working in a Japanese company or in their home country.

At Kyoshin Language Academy, our aim is not simply to teach Japanese language, but to nurture individuals so that they have the capability to respond to the wide and varied needs of the world. We have developed the best possible learning environment to meet your expectations, so let’s learn and grow together.

Representative Director, President Yasuyuki Tachiki

What is Kyoshin Language Academy?

Kyoshin Language Academy is a Japanese language school administered by Kyoshin Group, a comprehensive education business.

KyoshinKyoshin Co., LTD was established in 1975 as a comprehensive education enterprise. Since its founding, Kyoshin declared its intention to contribute to the educational and cultural improvement of people in Japan and the rest of the world, and established Kyoshin Language Academy (KLA) for the purpose of developing the Japanese education industry. Kyoshin Language Academy currently administers 3 Japanese Language schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area. As an education institution, KLA takes pride in its long-standing reputation for reliability and achievements, and is committed to supporting all international students by providing an outstanding learning environment and high quality teaching staff.

About Kyoshin Co., LTD

Kyoshin Language Academy’s popularity has skyrocketed, to the extent that admission applications outnumber class capacity.

Kyoshin Group’s Japanese education business began in 2009 with the establishment of a Japanese language school in the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China. Since then, Kyoshin has expanded its business to Japanese language schools in Japan and is highly regarded among many international students. Currently, size limits have had to be imposed on some classes due to the large number of applicants. Kyoshin Language Academy is continuing its rapid growth in order to become the largest, highest-quality Japanese language institution in the near future.

What kind of students go to Kyoshin Language Academy (KLA)?

Students from various countries around the world gather here to study.
Students from the US, France, Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal and other countries around the world gather at the Kyoshin Language Academy. By learning and living along side a rich variety of foreign exchange students, you will be able to experience the various values and styles of thinking as well as differences in culture first hand, and greatly expand your own perspectives.

Student voices

What kind of teaching staff does Kyoshin Language Academy have?

An experienced group of teachers and a total support structure

IMG_0008A group of approximately 100 experienced teachers provide close instruction tailored to each individual student’s desires and abilities. Our experienced staff is eager to help students achieve their goals, with full support ranging from JLPT and EJU exam preparation to specialized study to meet each student’s needs.
In order to eliminate any concerns associated with studying abroad, we have staffed our school with teachers who speak, in addition to Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. In this way we have established a system where even students who cannot speak Japanese will have no trouble communicating from the moment they arrive.

Staff introduction

School information

School name Kyoshin Language Academy
Headquarters TCK Building 3F, 2-18-18 nishiwaseda
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-6205-6651
Executive Director Yasuyuki Tachiki
Locations Shinjuku School, Shinjuku OLJ School, Akihabara School, Nagoya-kita Schol, Kyoto-Chuo School, Kyoto-gojo School, Kobe School, Mito School
Number of students 1590 (as of January 2017)
Number of teaching staff 163 employees