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KLA FUKUOKA / some messages from the graduates

Hello everyone!  We are KLA FUKUOKA.


Many students have graduated from KLA FUKUOKA since opening.

After that they have made their own way  with going on the next stages

like university, college, employment in Japan or doing something in home country.


In this time we would like to introduce some messages from the graduates.

They are talking about each story for what reason they chose KLA FUKUOKA

or what they actually experienced and felt and learned while in this school.




: entered in April, 2018 from Vietnam / studying in a junior college, Fukuoka


Before coming to Japan, I had been worried about studying abroad

because of my poor Japanese and life in un-known place where no one knew me.

The teachers taught me kindly with enthusiasm and helped soonwhen I was in trouble.

So I have gotten used to life in Japan gradually.

I did learn both Japanese language and culture.

I could have many chances for spending with Japanesepeople through its culture,

for example taking part in volunteering of a festival in Umimachi

or joining a group of the parade in Hakatadontaku festival.

I could improve my Japanese and have come to understand Japanese life style

and culture for two years in this school.



: entered in April, 2018 from Nepal / studying in a business college, Fukuoka


I chose KLA FUKUOKA as the consultant recommended me in Nepal.

The teachers are kind and take care you like their family or children.

There is the school in a quiet and beautiful place where is good for studying. 

It is very interesting to study with friends from many countries.

It is hard to study here but the teaching method is practical.

I didn’t feel difficult for understanding it.

Other than Japanese classes, many events are planned for the students

in order to know Japanese culture in this school,

for example Hakatadontaku festival, summer party, volunteer activity and Christmas party.

Besides the speech contest and the writing contest are hold at all schools of KLA every year.

The students can have a lot of chances for getting improved their Japanese

through spending time with other students from all over the world.

It is memorable that I went to Kyoto and Tokyo to participate in speech contest

as one of the representatives.

Thanks to KLA FUKUOKA, I have mastered Japanese and got used to life in Japan.



: entered in April, 2018 from Vietnam / studying in a junior college, Fukuoka


When I was studying Japanese in Vietnam, it was difficult for me to decide

which school I would study in Japan as many Japanese schools were introduced.

I decided studying in KLA FUKUOKA and thought that it was the right choice.

The teachers have always taught us passionately and helped during the difficult times.

Besides I have participated in many interesting activities for foreign students

to know Japanese culture and people.



: entered in April, 2019 from India / studying in a technical school, Tokyo


I watched a lot of Japanese animations,

for example “Kochikame” and “One-peace” in my childhood.

So I wanted to know more about Japan and decided on studying in KLA FUKUOKA.

It was very hard to live in Japan during the first three months

but the teachers supported me kindly.

As I have learned not only Japanese language but life style and culture,

I have gotten used to life in Japan.

And thanks that, I could have many Japanese friends and communicate in Japanese.

I am happy that I chose this school.



: entered in October, 2019 from India / studying in a business school, Tokyo


I entered KLA FUKUOKA in October, 2019.

This school is small but I love it and its environment.

I had an enjoyable time for welcome party in the entrance ceremony

with the teachers and senior students.

The teachers are very caring and teach Japanese kindly.

In this school the students from different countries enjoy learning Japanese

with keeping the rules. My Japanese has been getting better gradually.

It was the best decision for me to choose KLA FUKUOKA.

I feel sad about leaving for this homey school.



: entered in April, 2019 from Vietnam / studying in a university, Fukuoka


Before coming to Japan, I had spent much time to make my mind

which school to choose through searching on the internet

and some senior students’ introduction. Then I was to enter KLA FUKUOKA.

During the first time in Japan, my living abroad was so hard for my poor Japanese.

I had thought that I would return to Vietnam or not.

But that had gone away somewhere while I was asking for advice from teacher.

The teachers taught earnestly us even little things at any time.

This school is not only a place to study Japanese but also to meet friends

who speak each different language and have each different culture.

And then they have the same aim of studying Japanese as you.

There is a precious meeting here to friends who have various values

beyond national borders and cultures. I think this school is very good

as one of the students who have studied in.



We wish your success on your way after graduating!



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