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Hello from KLA Biwako School

Hello everyone!

We are Kyoshin Language Academy Biwako School.

We would like to introduce our school regularly from now on through this blog.

This is our first post and we are going to introduce around school and school building.


<Shiga Prefecture where our school is located>

Shiga Prefecture is famous for “Biwako” which is the largest lake in Japan. It’s where our school name came from. You can enjoy BBQ and camping by the lakeside, and also lake activities are available.

There is a great mountain view from season to season around the lake from school.

You can experience nature and history as of Shiga Prefecture has quite a few temples, shrines and castles nationwide.

It’s easy to access to major cities. 17 mins to Kyoto and 53 mins to Osaka by train from the closest station to the school.


<Around school>

Our school is located in 5 minutes on foot from JR Seta station.

There are shopping centers, grocery shops, convenience stores, banks, councils and doctors, so it’s convenient for everyday life.

There is a long row of cherry blossom trees along the riverside and it’s a breathtaking view when they are in full bloom.

Students can live a convenient life and also quiet surroundings that help them to focus on study with filled in nature.


<School building>

It’s a four story building.

1st Floor: Entrance

There is a bicycle parking lot with CCTV just outside the entrance for students who cycle school.


2nd Floor: Reception, Administration office and Teacher’s office

You can talk to staff about class, school and everyday life, and issuing of certificates at the reception.


3rd Floor: Class room and Lounge

There are tables, chairs, couch, microwave and electric kettle in the lounge. Students can use this place to have lunch and have a chat with other students.


4th Floor: Classrooms and Nurse’s office

There is a great view of mountains around Biwako from the window.


<Countermeasures against COVID-19>

All staff and student take their temperatures, sanitize hands and gargle.

Hand sanitizers and wet wipes are placed in various spots in the school so that students can access easily.

During classes, we air out rooms regularly.

Acrylic boards are placed at the counter to prevent droplets.

Everyone is taking care of their health and we are thoroughly taking counter measures against COVID-19 to be able to focus on study.


<School dormitory>

Fully furnished dormitory is located in walking distance from school.


Have you got some ideas about our school?

We will introduce more details such as school life, classes and dormitory next time!

Look forward to it!



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