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Current Responses to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

On April 7th, the government declared a state of emergency. As a result, we started providing online classes for students studying at KLA group schools, and our employees started working from home to maximize our safety considerations.

On May 25th, the national state of emergency was lifted, and from June, each school is starting face-to-face classes in order depending on the regional situations. (Schools in the Tokyo district started face-to-face classes from July.)


For face-to-face classes, we referenced governmental measures to formulate our own guidelines as a Japanese school to implement safety measures.

We will continue to respond to coronavirus occurrences, prioritize the safety of our students, and provide classes. I want to ask our students for cooperation, despite the inconvenience.


The world is full of coronavirus related information right now. However, we will not be misled and will check for accurate information.

We will thoroughly conduct basic actions such as hand washing, disinfecting, checking temperatures, wearing masks, and avoiding Three Cs (1. Closed spaces 2. Crowded places 3. Close-contact settings). All of our staff will continue to work hard toward safety and comfort.


<For current students in Japan>

Students need to change their lifestyle, such as avoiding places where the infection risk is high. We realize the situation is very difficult now, but please cooperate. If you have concerns about daily life or classroom activities, please feel free to contact the staff at each school.


<For those overseas planning to enter Japan>

For students entering in April or July who are waiting and planning to enter Japan, we provide online classes and information on admission. As soon as the government lifts entry restrictions, we will take maximum actions as a school so you can enter Japan promptly. Although there is a distance between Japan and overseas, let’s put our hearts together and work hard!


<For Current Students: Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies>

(Monetary support for students in need because of reduced part-time jobs)

The second round of applications will begin. Please ask the school staff for details.



Iwao Takizawa, Operation Management