Kyoto Chuo School Introduction

School Introduction


Kyoto Chuo School is situated within a 3-min walk from JR Kyoto Station, right at the center of a city seeped in Japanese culture since ancient times. Many World Heritage sites are situated here and you are able to soak in this gorgeous atmosphere just by being in this historic city. Exchange students in this traditional atmosphere of Japan can find new discoveries and experiences which will undoubtedly become one of their greatest times in their lives. Kyoto Chuo School wholeheartedly supports planning unique to this ancient city, through interactions with Japanese, strategies for EJU examination in English, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and others to allow our students to lead a fulfilling life here.

Teaching staff


Japanese Language Schools are a model of the globalized society of the future. In this international environment, students are stimulated each day and encouraged to grow as individuals through their language studies. The teaching philosophy at the KLA Kyoto Chuo School is to train people to participate in an international society. From Kyoto, a city symbolic of traditional Japanese culture, it is our intention that, through our teachings, our students will grow into the representatives of Japan’s development along side the rest of the world.

Masatoshi Watanabe  Principal

Kazuyuki Kondo

If you’re going to live in Japan, it’s a waste to only learn Japanese! Why don’t you study in Kyoto, a city where traditional Japanese culture can be found around every corner? You will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of Japan.
The international city of Kyoto is also known as a student town where approximately 1 out of every 10 people is a student. You’ll be able to create new networks of Japanese students and international students from every country.
To families: Every staff member here will give our full support. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kazuyuki Kondo  Office Manager

Minoru Tazawa

Hello, my name is Tazawa. I’m in charge of the EJU preparatory course. Since test-taking approaches to the EJU vary depending on the university, we do not limit ourselves to simple subject review. Rather, we gain an understanding of sought-after content and past question tendencies to provide you with the most effective instruction possible. I truly look forward to meeting you.

Minoru Tazawa  Instructor

Mariko Ono

Why not come learn Japanese language and culture here with us in the old capital of Kyoto? In Kyoto you will be surrounded by historic buildings and World Heritage sites. The traditional Japanese streets that still remain to this day have fascinated people from all over the world since long ago. Thanks to the large number of sightseeing spots in Kyoto, going sightseeing on the weekends will lead to plenty of opportunities to experience the language and culture of Japan. We will do everything to ensure that you have a fulfilling study abroad experience. I look forward to meeting you at Kyoto Chuo School!

Mariko Ono  Japanese Teacher

Nana Tachiki

To everyone interested in studying in Japan: I encourage you to come study with us at KLA Kyoto Chuo School. Japanese abilities are improved not only through study at school, but also through daily life and part-time work. Of course you may have some concerns about studying in Japan for the first time. However, you can rest assured that the staff here at KLA will give you our full support in all aspects of your school and daily life. If you are at all interested in studying abroad, challenge yourself and give it a try!
Creating friendships with classmates from around the world will be the treasure of a lifetime.

Nana Tachiki  Japanese Teacher