Akihabara School Introduction

Teaching staff

Fumi Utsumi

Akihabara School’s ambition is to assist and guide international students in both their studies and daily lives in order to help them achieve their dreams. I would like all students to enjoy their stay in Japan while studying at Akihabara School and work hard towards their dreams. I hope that our school can be a place for our students to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. I am looking forward to seeing you at our school. I firmly believe that the first step towards your future success begins here at Akihabara School.

Fumi Utsumi Akihabara School Principal

Taro Koyanagi

International students! Let’s embrace your ambitions! Akihabara School is within walking distance of Asakusa. Whether you love the Japanese language or Japanese culture, watching anime, want to experience Japanese culture first-hand, or simply have an interest in Japan, we welcome you! We will give you our full support!

Taro Koyanagi Office Manager

Reiko Shiokawa

Thanks to the spread of the internet it is now possible to know what’s happening all around the world. However, at most the information we can obtain is what can be viewed through a computer screen. There is no substitute for travelling abroad and experiencing life in another country for yourself. Studying abroad will also help you mature.
We support our students’ lives abroad and are committed to contributing to their personal development. At Kyoshin Language Academy, you can study knowing you have the full support of a team of teachers who will work together to address each individual student’s needs.
Come learn with us and we will work together to fulfill your dreams.

Reiko Shiokawa Head Teacher

Junichi Katayama

Learning and trying new things is incredibly exciting. Living and studying in Japan is the chance of a lifetime, a chance to learn and experience new things beyond the comfort of your home country. I also have experience living abroad for a short time. I treasure the knowledge and experiences that I gained from that time. I encourage you to come to Japan and experience this for yourself. We are waiting for the day when we can help you discover your own personal treasure.

Junichi Katayama Teacher

Kanami Seya

Why not study in Tokyo, a city that’s sure to become even more exciting with its selection as host city of the 2020 Olympics. I’m sure some of you have concerns about living abroad, but please do not be worried! At Akihabara School we have a staff that can speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. I myself speak fluent Chinese. How, you ask? Because I found a good school. Akihabara School is one of those good schools, and I’m sure that your Japanese skills will improve if you come study with us. Let’s work hard and study Japanese together.

Kanami Seya Student Affairs


The ways of going shopping, how to ride a train, the kinds of part-time work; the things that were ordinary aspects of your everyday life in your home country become opportunities to learn when you’re studying abroad. We, the staff here, will do all we can to support your school life and your daily life, so that you can make the very most of those opportunities. Please come and study hard every day, and enjoy a fully realized study abroad experience here at Keigo Language Academy.

Yuka Kikyo  Student Affairs