Shinjuku School Introduction

Teaching staff

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The 21st century is all about globalization and the information age. I am positive that the relationship between your home country and Japan will become even stronger in the near future. In its current state, Japan is in need of personnel who possess an understanding of Japanese culture, society rules, and social conventions, not Japanese language ability. I believe that this knowledge can only be gained by real-life experiences while living in Japan. We are confident that your stay at our school will meet your needs and enhance your future life in Japan. We have great teachers, an outstanding student support system, and an excellent study environment. We cannot wait to welcome you to our school.

Iwao Takizawa  Principal of Shinjuku School


Hello, everyone. I wonder about students’ reasons for choosing to study in Japan in this, an era in which automatic translation technology will be developed in the neer future. Merely studying Japanese is something you can surely do in your own home country. It is my hope that everyone will experience first-hand here the things that you would not be able to experience without coming to Japan; not only what you can study, but also the ways of thinking and cultural practices of the Japanese people, as well as the various kinds of stimuli you can receive from this society. All of the teachers here will do everything they can do support you, so that this study abroad experience in Japan can be a great step toward the realization of your dreams.

Mai Moriizumi Office Manager


Since I became a Japanese teacher 15 years ago, I have taught Japanese to a great number of students. Japanese language consists three kinds of characters, so students tend to think character study continues forever and tend to get tired after starting learning Kanji. Everyone who chooses to study such a language is a great challenger. I will make study for the challengers “more cheerful and fun”. In addition, for those who are thinking of “entering Japanese Education” or “finding employment in Japan”, I’ll always offer consultation and teach “sometimes strictly.”

Head Teacher, Taro IMAI


Learning a language means thinking about the culture, society, and way of thinking of the people who use that language. By studying a foreign language, you can learn about a brand new world and expand your perspective. At Kyoshin Language Academy, there are a lot of international students who are studying Japanese with the goal of advancing to a university, graduate school, or technical college in Japan. Sometimes they face tough or stressful situations, but they do their best to overcome these, fulfilling their dreams and making it to graduation. Why not fulfill YOUR dreams? We work our hardest to support our students so that we can see their shining smiles when they overcome their difficulties and realize their dreams.

Deputy Teaching Coordinator, Masumi Kobayashi

Miki Ogawa

What interests you about Japan? Is it the culture? The history? Or perhaps the food? I am interested in your country as well! Please come to Japan and tell me all about it. I’m waiting here in Tokyo, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Deputy Teaching Coordinator, Miki Ogawa


There are people who are considering studying in Japan, but are unsure about what they ought to do, as for one thing, they are able to study the Japanese language in their home countries. What are the differences between studying abroad and studying in your home country? You can speak Japanese with the people around you here, but is that all? When you look at KLA Shinjuku students today, it’s plain to see that by experiencing Japan first-hand, they gain an understanding of Japanese culture, and are able to study the context behind the Japanese language together. Also, it would seem that being gathered together at a Japanese language school to study Japanese results in a great learning environment. We, too, will support all students unwaveringly so that their Japanese can improve while they have fun studying. Let’s do our best together.

Taeko Kokubo   Teacher


I assume that you decided to study overseas to make your dreams come true. Many people say “dream=goal”, however, I don’t think that you can achieve the goal without a proper plan. Please make a good plan in order to not have the dream stay just that, a dream”. Before joining this school, I worked for a game development company, so I’m a bit familiar with ACG. Please feel free to contact me!

Teacher, Mr. Norifumi YASUDA


Hello everyone, why do you think of studying abroad? Why in Japan? Why do you want to study Japanese? When you consider the “why”, you would find the answer. I will think through with you – so let’s try it together!

Teacher, Ms. Rei YAMAMOTO


I believe you are studying Japanese to achieve your goal. I know studying sometimes could be difficult, and you may feel it will take a long time to achieve your goal. In such case, I would like to help you so that you can have fulfilling days. I will support you sincerely, so that you can enter your preferred school or company.

Teacher, Ms. Momoko UYAMA


It must be very hard to live in abroad because the language, culture, and way of thinking are all different. But don’t worry! I will offer total support and consultation. At Kyoshin, there are many foreign students trying hard who also feel anxious about new life in Japan. Why don’t you join and study together?

Teacher, Ms. Ayana YOSHIDA


I’m sure there must be some of you who are concerned at the prospect of living and studying in Japan. Each and every one of us here at Kyoshin Language Academy is ready to give you our full support, at times gently, and sometimes even strictly! You can put your trust in us. Come and study here at Kyoshin Language Academy.

Toshiki Jinguji  Student Affairs


We want to support all of the students who choose to come to Japan and study Japanese with us here at Kyoshin Language Academy(KLA). Nothing makes me happier than the instant when I see recent graduates of KLA speaking Japanese fluently.

Miwa Yamakoshi  Student Affairs


Why do you all want to come to Japan? There must be various reasons such as you want to study in Japan or you like Japanese anime. Not everyone can experience living in a foreign country. When you are in Japan, you should try and meet many people and expand your horizons. Your life is greatly affected by who you meet. By meeting various people in Japan, you will mature further and lead a more wonderful life. I look forward to meeting you all.

Erika Awata  Student Affairs

HP用写真-事務-王 明

Hello everyone. I’m Wang, a Chinese administrative staff member. While hoping to study in Japan, you might have concerns too. It is fine! Please take the step. I will support you to get accustomed to living in Japan as soon as possible. I believe that you will have a fulfilling study-abroad life packed full of excellent experiences. Let’s enjoy Japanese fashion, foods, animation and places etc. We do our best to make you feel it was great to come to Japan for study!

Administrator, Mr. Wang MingD


Living and studying in Japan gives you the chance to experience many things, on the other hand, you might also have concerns. Our administrative staff support you in having peace-of-mind in your both school and daily life. My experience of studying abroad could help you, so please feel free to talk with me. Let’s study and make many memories together at Kyoshin Language Academy.


Administrator, Ms. Ayame FUKUDA


It’s not easy for international students to learn Japanese in an unfamiliar environment and learn special field in Japanese. We would like to provide a comfortable environment for all students at Kyoshin Language Academy to study and remarkably improve their Japanese language skill. I am looking forward that graduates work globally in their respective fields leveraging their cross-borders cross-cultural experience.

Administrator, Mr. Yang Yuan


For many students, their first contact with Japanese society is through Japanese language school. To adapt to society learning not only Japanese language is important but also the culture and rules. I understand that it’s difficult to live in unfamiliar environment with a different culture and rules but I will do my best to support you so you can get accustomed to Japanese society as soon as possible.

Administrator, Mr. Mitsuhiro SANKAKU