Kyoto Chuo School Introduction

School events

Once every three months we have events outside the school which involve the whole school.
Go ahead and enjoy interchanges with students other than your classmates!


Spring Event 1 Spring Event 2 Spring Event 3
Universal Studio Japan (USJ), Osaka
Spring Term (April – June)

Summer Event 1 Summer Event 2 Summer Event 3
BBQ party at Japan’s largest late, Lake Biwa
Summer Term (July – September)

Autumn Event 1 Autumn Event 2 Autumn Event 3
Enjoy autumn leaves to the full, roam around Arashiyama
Fall Term (October – December)

Winter Event 1 Winter Event 2 Winter Event 3
Experience making Japanese food (sushi rolls, making soba, Kyoto household dishes)
Winter Term (January – March)

* Outside school events subject to change.
* Other than activities outside of school, we are planning activities where you can come in touch with Japanese culture like a calligraphy experience and origami making.


Cultural experiences

Let’s enjoy Kyoto! tour (optional, six times a year)
In Kyoto, there are many places where you can feel and experience Japanese culture. This might be hard for you alone when you’ve just come to Japan, or just begun learning Japanese. But now you can participate with your heart at ease and feel and experience Japanese culture.

Kinkaku-ji (temple)
Kiyomizu-dera (temple)
Fushimi Inari
Fushimi Inari-taisha (shrine)
Heian Jingu
Heian-jingu (Shrine)
Ninenzaka (Hill)
Zazen (Zen meditation)
Tea Ceremony
Tea Ceremony
Dyed Goods
Dyed Goods
Japanese Sweets
Making Japanese sweets
Putting on yukata   etc.

Japanese cultural experiences you can have in Kyoto

Cultural experiences in which you can take part by yourself

-tea ceremony (1,500 yen and up)
-Nishijin brocade (1,500 yen and up)
-tie dye (1,500 yen and up)
-pottery (2,000 yen and up)
-making soba (2,000 yen and up)
-being an apprentice geisha (1,500 yen and up)
-flower ceremony (2,000 yen and up)
-Yuzen dying (1,500 yen and up)
-Kyoto braiding (2,000 yen and up)
-Japanese sweets (1,600 yen and up)
-Kyoto cuizine (3,500 yen and up)


Interchange with Japanese

We will have conversation events, interchange events, visits to schools and visits to businesses where college students and local people are invited.