Kobe School Introduction

Teaching staff


There are various barriers to studying in Japan. We will help to find solutions to all of the issues you are facing on various fronts, including obtaining a visa, learning Japanese, your financial situation, and the practical side of life. As a school, we want to assist all of you who come here with goals in mind as much as possible, on the academic and living fronts, so that you can accomplish those goals.

Hiroshi Miyake Principal


Studying abroad is something that becomes an unforgettable memory in your life. Whether studying abroad can be made into something useful depends on the person. We play only supporting roles in that study abroad experience. However, we endeavor to do our jobs every day with the idea in mind that, by carrying out our various roles, we can leave some sort of mark on your study abroad experience.

Mitsui Masaki Head Teacher


Living as an overseas student and striving to learn about aspects of Japan including its language, culture, and society in Kobe, a city in which people from around the world would like to live, is something that I believe would be extremely worthwhile and valuable at this turning point in your life.
I also think that, for overseas students coming from countries where there are major differences in things like language, food, climate, customs, and cultural practices, studying Japanese and leading a life in Kobe could be more difficult than you might imagine. That being said, we will support all of you so that you can overcome these various difficulties and make each of your dreams come true in the near future.

It is my hope that you will pursue your Japanese language studies without ever giving up or getting too frustrated. Yoshihiro Nagaoka, Japanese Language Instructor

Nagaoka Yoshihiro  Head teacher


Hello. I am Ms. Kondo, and I work in the office at the language school in Kobe. I am in charge of the student affairs office. I mainly provide life guidance to students. If you have any worries, questions, or concerns at all about life in Japan, please consult with me. We will find solutions together. Kobe is a very beautiful city, and the food is delicious, too. I am sincerely looking forward to your enrollment here.

Yuka Kondo Student Affairs