Student voices

I learned about Japanese culture and customs, not just the Japanese language.

All of the staff and teachers were very kind. I’ve learned Japanese culture, customs and how people in Japan think. I was planning to stay for a year at first, but I decided to extend my stay for another year because I felt so comfortable studying Japanese at Shibuya School. Learning Japanese is fun and exciting so I would like to continue studying it.

Hugo Fernandez Martin  From Spain Graduated in June 2013

I got accepted to Hitotsubashi University’s Doctorate program.

My Japanese skill was very basic when I first came to Japan. My classes were small so I had lots of chances to talk and use Japanese. I went from not knowing anything to passing the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I am truly grateful for all the support the teachers and principal gave me throughout my entire time at the school.

Piao Xiangdan  From China Graduated in March 2011

I am busy studying and working!

I like studying Japanese. I started to studying while I was still living in Vietnam. Since coming to Japan I found a part-time at a real estate agency that introduces apartments to foreigners. I am planning to attend a university and get a full-time job in Japan. It is comforting to be surrounded by teachers who are very kind and devoted to their students, even ones who are bad at kanji like me!

Tran Minh Anh  Current student from Vietnam

I got a Japanese Nursing Certificate.

I came to Japan with a nursing certification from China. In Japan I studied Japanese and prepared for the Japanese National Nursing Exam. I will be working as a nurse at a Japanese hospital starting in April. My friends and I helped each other and worked hard to prepare for the exam. I would like to continue to study advanced medicine in Japan.

Zhou Zihan  From China Graduated in March 2013

The fashion show at the Christmas Party was fun!

Classes are relaxed and studying Japanese is fun, but the most memorable event for me was a fashion show at the Christmas party where we all dressed up in traditional clothing from our home countries. There were students wearing kimonos, maid costumes, and even character costumes. I think this kind of cross-cultural experience is really valuable.

Than Htike Oo  Current student from Myanmar

I got accepted to Hitotsubashi University!

I really like the school curriculum because it helped me prepare for my entrance exam to Hitotsubashi University in an extremely efficient way. I am very thankful for all of my teachers’ advice, guidance, and support throughout my stay at Akihabara School. I think attending this school is a great way to start studying abroad in Japan.

Chen Jia  From China Graduated in March 2010