7 Reasons to study with us

7 Reasons to study with us

Choosing an area

When choosing a school, location is very important. KLA has schools in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara, which are all in Tokyo, as well as one school in Kyoto. These different areas have different charms, so you can choose the area that appeals to you the most. All of our schools are convenient to transport, so they’ll suit your commuting needs and your lifestyle.

Guidance for getting into tertiary institutes

KLA is a subsidiary of Kyoshin Corporation, which has 36 years of experience as an extra-curricular school dedicated to getting students into tertiary institutes. Over the years, Kyoshin has guided hundreds of thousands of students into university successfully. With our know-how and experience gained from many years of experience, we have accumulated a strong team of tertiary guidance professionals. This is a merit to our school, which you won’t find in other Japanese schools.

Caring for your family

4 times a year, your school will send a report about your performance and attendance to your parents or suchlike in your home country. Even though you’re living far away from home, your family can watch over the way that their child is living and growing in Japan.

Excellent teaching staff

Our highly experienced teaching staff will provide detailed guidance in line with your individual motivations and skill level, in order to support your success as a foreign exchange student. They work towards meeting the varying needs of our students, such as wanting to take foreign student exams or proficiency tests, wanting to conduct specialist studies, etc.

Empathetic support

Getting used to life in Japan may make you feel nervous. But we have staff members to support you and to help make the transition easier. As well as our Japanese-speaking staff members, we have staff members who can speak English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian, and we have a system in place that ensures that even if you’ve just joined the school and can’t speak Japanese, you can feel confident and relaxed about communicating with us.

Learning through experience

At the Kyoshin Group, we treat self-sufficiency as being very important. Self-sufficiency is even more important when you graduate from our school and move on to the next stage of your life. We want to be able to support you in developing that self-sufficiency. We proactively conduct cultural experience lessons and extracurricular lessons, and the place of learning is not limited to just the classroom. We wish to offer the sort of you guidance that will let you experience, think and learn by yourself.

Reliability that will give you peace of mind

Kyoshin Group is a stable company, which is listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We have obtained a level of reliability as a foundation of management that is higher than any other Japanese language school. We have prepared an environment in which you can relax and feel confident as you focus on your studies.