From Kyoto to the world
Supporting people’s development in the field of education
Increasing the value provided to customers via self-reliance
Actively investing in new developments in the cram school industry and tomorrow’s influential new businesses.

The advantages of Kyoshin

The confidence of a nationwide clientele of 25,000 people

25,000 students attend Kyoshin. Since its establishment, Kyoshin has continued to provide the type of reliable, trustworthy service that our customers demand.

Superior results

At Kyoshin, we are proud of our students’ proven record of acceptance to top-level universities thanks to the combination of improved academic ability and accurate advice from experienced teachers, along with useful information impossible to obtain privately.

Company Timeline

June 1975 Foundation of Kyoto Shingaku Kyoshitsu
April 1981 Foundation of Kyoto Shingaku Kyoshitsu Corporation
November 1988 Established Kyoto Shingaku Kyoshitsu GMBH (currently Kyoshin GMBH) in Germany
January 1997 Changed the trade name from Kyoto Shingaku Kyoshitsu to Kyoshin Corporation
October 1999 Kyoshin Co., Ltd listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
October 2006 Established a subsidiary in Guangzhou,China
February 2009 Established a subsidiary in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
December 2010 Made OLJ Co., Ltd a full subsidiary
January 2011 Established Alphabeat Co., Ltd
September 2011 Foundation of Hoppa Co., Ltd
November 2011 Foundation of Kyoshin USA, inc in New York
June 2012 Open Japanese Language School in Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna in Thailand
August 2012 Established Kyoshin Language Academy

Company Overview

Corporate Name Kyoshin Co., Ltd
Corporate Address 382-1 Osaka-cho Gojosagaru Karasuma-dori Shimogyo-ku Kyoto 600-8177 Japan
Established April 1981
Capital 327,890,000 JPY
Number of Employees 663 full-time employees (as of May 31, 2012)
Business Areas Pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, and high school cram school, Individual tutoring, English conversation, Individual tutoring franchise, Online study, Japanese language education, Childcare business, ”Reaching” (independent human training program)