Osaka School Introduction(Opening on April,2017)

Teaching staff


There is an old proverb which says “Learning a new language is like gaining a new soul”. I’m sure you are just about to get a new one by studying Japanese. I myself love learning new languages for this very reason.

During your stay in Japan, I hope you will not only study Japanese language itself but also learn to use it to build a relationship with people and the world around you. We, members of the KLA Osaka School, would like to help you with this path to make your new soul grow and become more colourful.

Naoko Takeda  Head Teacher

事務 土井

I also have experience studying abroad. It takes time to get used to the lifestyle in another country. With that in mind, we, the office staff, will do everything we can to help you feel at ease, so that you can focus on your studies. At our school, we have staff who can speak English, Chinese, and Indonesian. We will assist you from the time you enter the country, with a variety of aspects of daily living, including housing and part-time work. Please feel at ease and devote yourself to your studies. We await you here, at our new school in Osaka.

Doi Yoshihiro  Vice Office Manager


How much do you use the internet? We are entering an age in which we can look up information on anything with computers and mobile phones. I’m sure you have looked into Japan’s culture and lifestyle. However, studying the Japanese language is different from that sort of “looking up.” Simply looking up words in a language you do not know, whether it’s Japanese or any other language, does not amount to “studying” it. Actually coming to the country of Japan and studying the language every day together with others is, I think, the first step toward being able to understand Japanese and use it well. Please come and study in Japan, for the sake of your future, and for the sake of your dreams.

Misato Ito   Japanese Teacher


Hello, everyone! My name is Oyama, an office staff of KLA Osaka School. Maybe you would feel nervous while studying far away from your homeland. By using my experience of studying abroad, I do really want to support your life here with all my best. Wish we can have a wonderful study abroad life here together with you. Just looking forward to your coming to Osaka School.

Naomi Oyama  Student Affairs