Shinjuku OLJ School Introduction

Teaching staff

Minoru Kiryu
For all of you foreign exchange students, learning Japanese isn’t just going to be about learning words. I think that it is for the purpose of reaching your goals via the Japanese language. That goal may involve getting into the university, graduate school or technical college of your choice, obtaining further qualifications, and getting hired by a corporation. At our Japanese language school, we encourage you to study about Japanese culture and lifestyle, or about specialist fields as needed, towards not only learning the language but also achieving your individual goals. Wouldn’t you like to come have fun learning the Japanese language in Shinjuku, located right in the centre of Tokyo in an area that is full of young people?

Minoru Kiryu OLJ School Principal


Overseas student life involves not only having fun, but also facing difficult challenges, and having painful experiences. I think there are also times when you are perplexed with the differences from your home country. All of these experiences, the fun things and the difficult things, are sure to contribute to your growth. Let’s all have a great time together, with a lot of worries, a lot of deliberation, a lot of laughing, and a lot of crying.

Yosuke Miura  Vice Office Manager


Hello. What would you like to do when you come to Japan? In the spring, the cherry blossoms are beautiful, so going to view them is a great thing to do. If you’re interested in Japanese anime and manga, watching and reading these things in Japanese is another good thing. All kinds of people come from around the world to learn Japanese here. When you become able to speak Japanese, you’ll have the chance to become friends with people all over the world! Let’s do all the things you can only do in Japan, and meet all the people you can only meet in Japan! I’m sincerely looking forward to your coming to school here!

Hiromi Murakami  Vice Head Teacher

Yumiko Seki
Hello, everyone. What made you to start studying Japanese? What do you want to do after you have learned Japanese? At OLJ, we not only teach Japanese but also hold regular meetings with each student at least once a month. During these meetings we discuss daily life, part-time jobs, work and education plans, and any other concerns you may have. Class size is limited to 15 students, which allows us to observe each student’s deficiencies and follow through with additional instruction. Beginners will use an original text named 『テリーとまい』(Terry and Mai) which is based on situational conversation and vocabulary found in daily life. From beginner to advanced, we provide balanced instruction so that you learn to “write,” “read,” “listen,” and “speak” Japanese fluently. Since many students wish to continue studying at a Japanese university or obtain formal certification of their skills, we actively incorporate Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) preparation into our lessons. Let’s study Japanese together at OLJ!

Yumiko Seki  Teacher

Languages: Japanese / English Hobby: Japanese drum, Darts, Body boarding A lot of people helped me when I was living abroad. I want to be like them and help my students in any way that I can. I’ll be happy if students can one day come and see me play the Japanese drum.

Yuka Ueda  Teacher


Hello, everyone. What would you like to be able to say in Japanese? What would you like to express? What sort of people do you want to connect with? We will help you, not only to understand Japanese, but also to be able to use it, and to convey the things you would like to say. To that end, let’s have fun learning together!

Yuko Shimada  Teacher


The African savanna. Seeing a new life being brought into the world by a mother elephant. Picking up a sweet Cebu dried mango with your fingers. A narrow room of eight square meters. Burning Hem incense fills the room. A new Taylor Swift song, just a little bit heartbreaking, leaks out from a pair of headphones. These days, when we can experience every part of the world, we think about the meaning of stepping outside of the world we’re used to. To everyone who has yet to find a satisfactory answer, I hope you will discover it here in Japan.

Tomoki Nakamura  Teacher


Manga, anime, fashion, drama, soccer, and baseball. Wouldn’t you like to see these things in Japan? You can’t learn a language just sitting at a desk. Is it “Nihon,” or “Nippon?” Here you can see for yourself how Japanese people use them.

Kazuko Iura  Teacher


The breath of life in the morning, the color of spring lavender
A summer night of fireworks with her, in a yukata
A trip through the beautiful autumn leaves, the fruit of the harvest moon
The snow makes hills in winter, the hot springs, the skiing
Everyone, please discover your own wonderful Japan.
What is it you are looking for?
If you’d like, I’d love to help you find it!
I look forward to seeing you.

Akiko Makino  Teacher

Hobbies: Going to Disneyland and Manga (especially One Piece) Hello, everyone. We have a lot of recent high school graduates who come to study in Japan with the goal of entering a Japanese vocational college or university, in addition to college graduates who are studying to enter graduate school in Japan. Naturally Japanese universities, graduate schools, and vocational colleges look for Japanese ability during entrance examinations. For this reason, OLJ provides students with exam information, career counseling, interview practice, and more along with Japanese Language Proficiency Test preparation. We listen to each student’s continuing education goals and help create strategies to achieve them. By working together everyone’s dreams can be achieved, and everyone will have a fulfilling study abroad experience.

Natsuki Murakami  Student Affairs


Hello everyone!
How do you imagine life in Japan? Japan is famous overseas for Japanese food, electronic products, and other things. But when you actually live in Japan, you can really enjoy and experience Japan like you can never do through the Internet or TV. When you come to Japan, make new friends and have new experiencs. I look forward to when I can meet you all!

Tsuyoshi Kamimura  Student Affairs


Japan is becoming more internationally-oriented by easing visa restrictions for foreigners and preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. At OLJ Language Academy, we teach Japanese language students not only with textbooks, but also through various first-hand experiences. You might sometimes be puzzled by “what’s normal overseas is abnormal in Japan.” But these different experiences will feed your growth as a person. We provide various support for a fulfilling student life so you can attend our school at ease.

Erina Niwa  Student Affairs