fukuoka School Introduction

Teaching staff


To international students, please use this opportunity of studying Japan to find your second culture, except your home country, by acquiring Japanese language skill and experience Japan. With us, as a foreigner, you will experience an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture through learning ways of thinking and customs. We have an appropriate environment for study. Through interaction with your teacher and dormitory life, we expect you will learn Japanese rules and manners. When you come to Japan, we`ll help you to realize your original intentions – so please join us.

School Principal, Mr. Toshihide Yamauchi


At Fukuoka school, we welcome students who intend to learn Japanese and those who intend to enter a Japanese university. Fukuoka is surrounded by mountains and has an abundance of nature, therefore I think that it’s the best place for students who would like to concentrate on Japanese study. In addition, since I have over 15 years’ experience of living and working abroad in places such as China, the Philippines, and Thailand, communication in English and Chinese is also possible. If you have any difficulties communicating in Japanese, please feel free to chat with me.

Head of the Administrative Office, Mr. Hideyuki UO


KLA Fukuoka School is located in the suburbs of Fukuoka City – a city selected as the most livable city in Asia. Students are studying Japanese with us for a variety of purposes – to enroll in Japanese universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools. Our school, surrounded by rich nature, offers an environment appropriate for learning. Students enjoy not only “Practical Japanese learning” in the school, but also interaction with elementary and high school students in the neighborhood as well as participation in international exchange meetings with local residents. In addition, while Fukuoka School is not a large school, we take pride in providing quality support. For those trying to realize their dreams, as well as those seeking a dream, let’s make your dream comes true altogether. We support you!

Deputy Teaching Coordinator, Ms. Setsuko WATANABE


Fukuoka is said to be one of the most livable towns in Japan, and many people move from Tokyo and other areas. Our relationship with Asia is deep, and since long ago, we have accepted many international students from the region. Our school is located in a rich natural environment in the suburbs of Fukuoka City. Although we are a small school, the relationships between teachers and students is close, we encourage an at-home atmosphere. We offer many opportunities to interact with the local people, and support international exchange at the grassroots level. Why don’t you happily study with us in an environment that provides a charm different from a big city?

Teacher, Ms. Izumi SHIOKAWA


Hello, I am Ihara, an administrator member of staff. I support and give advice to students regarding living in Japan, working part-time, and renewing visas. Please visit me if you worry about anything – as I would like you to have better student life! Umi Town has an abundance of nature and good access to Hakata – the entrance to Asia – and there are many famous tasty foods and fun festivals. You will have an excellent student life, so I look forward to seeing in Fukuoka.

Administrator, Ms. Kana IHARA